20 Time Pitch- Our Idea

By Sabina and Rebecca

What is our Project?

Our project is a site that will provide information for kids who'd like to enter the fashion industry. The site will contain knowledge, facts, history and tips about the broad jobs in fashion.

What Is The Problem That We Found?

The problem we’ve found is that many kids don’t know where to start. They don’t know what to look for or search for in their chosen field.

We Have Discovered A Solution!

The solution to this problem would be to create a place where you can access any type of information/requirements regarding your chosen field. The method we chose is to create a website. So, instead of doing extensive research, they can find everything in one place. The audience is the youth or kids around the age of 14 and up.

Our Steps In Making A Timeline, Creating A Site, And Recording our Progress.

We will start by making our research and organizing our site. We have chosen to use Wix which will be our website platform. We hope to achieve the goal of organizing the site in a way where it could be easily accessible. In order to see the progress we will make, we will keep track of how much we put into different sections of the website. We will be using Wix as our website platform. For example, for two work periods we will finish the fashion history section and so forth.


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Why We Chose This Project.

We chose our project because both of us are interested in fashion and we both know that it is a very very difficult world to enter. We also need somewhere to start, somewhere to make a mark. Instead of making a site for ourselves, we thought about doing it for kids like us who are also clueless and need some direction.
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How Will This Benefit Us And The Audience?

This project will not only help other kids learn about fashion but it will help us know more about it as well. Therefore, not only would it be a challenge and an aid for us, but it will end up helping kids like us who need the knowledge to fuel their passion.

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