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How does alcohol affect our body?

Alcohol can have a various affect on your body, some which could lead you to death.

1. Heart - Drinking too much on one occasion or for a long time could damage the heart which includes : Stroke, High Blood pressure, Irregular heart beat (Arrhythmias) & Stretching and drooping of heart muscle (Cardiomyopathy)

2. Brain - Alcohol effects our brain by interfering with the brain's communication pathways and could change how the brain looks and works. It could make your decision making difficult and black-outs could occur more often.

3. Liver - Heavy drinking leads the liver to various problems which includes : Fatty liver, Alcoholic hepatitis, Fibrosis & Cirrhosis.

4. Pancreas - Alcohol effects the pancreas blood vessels which could prevent proper digestion.

5. Cancer - Drinking can lead you to some cancers which are : Mouth, Esophagus, Throat, Liver & Breast.

6. Immune system - Alcohol can make your immune system very weak which will result in yourself getting a higher chance of a disease.

What are the solutions for drinking problems?

Alcoholism does not have a specific solution to beat it but your own mental effects could change how things progresses. If one really wants to quit drinking then through harsh challenges they will get to the end, but if they aren't as motivated then it will be quite hard.

Another way of beating alcoholism is to join campaigns specifically for helping people with addictions such as :

Official Government site about alcoholism

DrinkWise Australia

Beat Alcohol

Turning Point of tampa

Can people beat alcoholism?

Can people beat alcoholism? Yes, they can. Everybody can.

Every person in this world who is an alcoholic is capable of quitting and starting their life in a new way. They just need some assistance and support for it to happen. Statistics shows that 3 out of 5 people is capable of beating alcohol addict without use of other drugs and such.

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Lastly, why does the society drink so much?

There are many reasons why society drinks so much alcohol.

Firstly, it is to forget about your stress. Most people who are drinkers have a lot of stress, resulting in them wanting to do something about it, which is alcohol.

There are some statistics showing the benefits of drinking such as getting thinner and keeping you healthy, people will be convinced by these statistics since it is not a negative comment but a positive one which improves their lifestyle. so in the end people will start drinking more and more often, convinced by these "facts".

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Afraid to Drink, Afraid not to Drink - An Alcoholic's Story