The Warrior Weekly

Week of September 28th

Hard Work and Smiles at Winfield Intermediate!

As I walk around our building each day two things consistently stick out, hard work and smiles. Our teachers and students show up each and every day and put in a tremendous amount of hard work. I walk into classrooms and students are engaged in the content that the teacher has worked hard to prepare for them. We had members of our fourth grade team bragging about their students during a meeting today. They have students who are so excited about their writing that they wanted to stay in at recess to continue working on their historical fiction pieces. We had other students who asked if they could take home their history books even though there was no homework because they just had to learn more about the topic they were writing about! That is dedication at it's finest!

While all this hard work is happening there is something just as important occurring at the Intermediate building. Students and staff are smiling and having fun. Students are excited about their work and can't wait to share. When they talk to their friends and teachers you can see their eyes light up with pride. When I walk into a classroom and I see students sitting on the ground next to their teacher discussing plans for the weekend you can almost physically see the bond between student and teacher forming. As I see our students leave the building each day and head to their bus it's impossible not to notice the relationships that have been built with their teacher as they seek out staff members for a high five or a hug!

Hard work and Smiles is a big part of what makes Winfield Intermediate a great place to be each and every day!

Proud to be a Warrior,

Jeff Schultz

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The Counselor's Corner

Hello Warriors!

This month, the students of Winfield Intermediate have been learning about making SMART goals. SMART Goals are used in order to give criteria to guide in the setting of goals. Each student was given the steps of making a SMART goal and then asked to make their own. Goals can be used in any area of life, so their goal was not limited to academics. They were able to keep their goal worksheets in order to remind themselves to work hard each day towards those goals.

Bridget Rothermich

School Counselor

Winfield Intermediate

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Keep it Up!

This was our first week under 96% in a while but we are still doing great! Our attendance for the week was still above 95%! Having our young Warriors in class each day is allowing them to show great improvement each week1

Congratulations Scooter Winners!

We held a raffle for three scooters this past week! Every student who sold at least one box of candy during our fundraiser was eligible. Congratulations to Maggie, Rheannon, and CJ on their new scooters!

Look for an announcement on our grand total for money raised next week! I think you are going to be blown away with how great our Intermediate Warriors did this year!!!

September Warriors of Wonder!!! WOW!!!

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated as our September Warriors of Wonder! These students are outstanding examples of the many students who consistently show the Warrior Way each day!

We are excited to announce our October Warrriors of Wonder in next week's edition of the Warrior Weekly!

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This Week at Winfield Intermediate!

Erin Baker is back in the building to collaborate with our 3rd grade teachers on Friday October 2nd. They will continue to work with building student performance with Writer's Workshop! We are seeing amazing growth with all of our young authors at the Intermediate Building!

Looking Ahead:

Monday October 5th- PTO meeting-Intermediate Library 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Tuesday October 6th- NEHS Induction Ceremony-5:30 pm-Intermediate

Wednesday October 7th- Early Release

Highlight!!! Thank you Dawn Neels!

"I am excited about the possibility of collaborating with classroom teachers as we strategically incorporate technology and inquiry into their classrooms in a way that is meaningful and fun for everyone involved." -Dawn Neels

Dawn Neels is much more than a librarian in our building. She is constantly looking for ways to support the staff both in the library as well as in the classroom. She continues to look for ways to integrate technology into the daily lives of our students. Teachers know that Mrs. Neels is always there to work with them if they need guidance or support!

Truly Proud to be a Warrior!!!!