Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes

By: Marianna Cwalinski 8 period science Due December 6

The gulf coast prairies and marshes are located on the eastern lower side of Texas. The bodies of water are the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. The rivers are the Trinity, San Jacinto, Brazos, Nueces, and San Antonio.

Where to go

Want something to do while on vacation? Well you can easily do many things in the gulf coast prairies and marshes. You can see the native animals there like alligators, fiddler crabs, and sea turtles. You can hunt, fish, and boat.

historical backround

Native Americans have lived in this Ecoregion for thousands of years. Most belonged to the tribes Atakapa and Karankawa. Over 450 years ago several Spanish ships shipwrecked and the Karankawa helped them live here. When the French came, the Spanish did not like them here. The French made a fort, Fort St. Louis, but it was destroyed. The Spanish built a mission on the land. In 1836 we fought one of the most important wars in Texas, the war where we fought for our independence. Our most famous fight was at the Alamo.

National and State Parks

There are so many National and State parks to go to! But to name a few there is Galveston island state park, Mustang island state park, and Bastrop state park. There is also the Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge, Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, and San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.

Climate and sight seeing

The climate is humid and usually sunny. Some things you can go see are the animals, or the state parks. There is so much you can do here.

Flora and Fauna

Some flora are the American Elm, holly, and the Texas Madrone. Some animals are the coyote, muskrat, and mink. Some endangered species are the Eskimo curlew and the whooping crane.


Information from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Pictures from google searching images of (insert what you are looking for.)
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