The One room Schoolhouse

by:Shalon Scott

Where was it?

The one room schoolhouse. First thing you need to know is where was it. The system settled in rural areas but increasingly beginning in the larger urban areas in New England and New York.

Exteriors,interiors,and furniture of the schoolhouse

The exterior is the outhouse,water well,flag, and a church or farm right beside the school.Inside was chalkboards,stoves,desks,chairs,pencils,and rulers.

How many children did it serve?

The schoolhouse had about 10 to 20 or more student it depends the area.

What is its history ?

This system survived long past mid century. Inside the school house , teachers faced the daunting task of trying to conduct classes that would benefit children from all levels from toddlers of only five or six years old to young adults of fourteen and fifteen. Most schoolhouses was created in 1850.

What type of curriculum did it have.

Reading,writing,and arithmetic.

Would you like to attend.

Yes it will feel like my kindergarten class.


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