By:Gabrielle Lee Marie Collins

There are so many types of Wetlands

  • Swamps
  • Marsh
  • Bog
  • Fen


  • Are like a forest but really not
  • 30% has to have trees


  • It is shallow with a few floating plants
  • They may form surface


  • Low minerals content in soil and water
  • High acid ( but low pH )


  • They help support marshlike vegetation
  • Dissolved oxygen levels around 2ppm & 8ppm

What Are Wetlands Good For:

  • Wetlands filter harmful things
  • Protect us against floods
  • Provide food & habitats for living things
  • Helps save people money ( I DON"T KNOW HOW )

A mammal ( River Otters )

Are very important users to the wetlands because they utilize and repair for hunting prey.


Surf grass, One-third or organs flowing plants grow in wetlands

At One Time

A long time ago people use to think Wetlands wasn't useful. Know they don't think that cause they are useful for so many things. They are so Valuable and crucial but they help floods and habitats have a home, and help them have food so they can survive.

How Wetlands Are Being Destroyed

The human environment has took down trees killing the homes of creatures. Putting buildings, and houses and other stuff up who know.They shouldn't do that there are living environments their. They have as much right as human beings they shouldn't destroy the only home the animals have seen. They need to quit the madness and put there thinking caps on and think what they are doing to those little bitty homes those animals live in.