The Lightning Thief [Percy Jackson]

Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

What it is about -

Percy Jackson is a demi-god , but in the very beginning of the book he doesn't know it yet. He lives with his mother and his step-father. He really hates his step-father. He is a trouble maker with A.D.H.D and he's dyslexic .

He soon finds out that he is half-blood and goes to camp half-blood, later he discovers who his father is. Poseidon . Zeus accuses Percy of stealing the lightning bolt , and Percy isn't the lightning thief. Someone else is.

Percy goes on a quest to try and get his mother back, because she is in the underworld. So Percy tries to get there, but things change when he does get there. Read the book to find out more about the story.

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Percy's Report Card

His report card from camp-half blood

Camp Half-Blood Map

Map Of Camp Half-Blood

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