North vs. South

The American Civil War


There were quite a few causes for the Civil War. The 1st problem was slavery. The south needed it, but the north disapproved of it. The 2nd cause, was that the south did their work on farms, but the north did their work with industries. The 3rd issue was the fact that the south was less educated than the north. The 4th conflict is how the tariffs worked. The north wanted high tax foreign goods, but the south wanted it low. The last dispute was how the south wanted a states right government for the country. However, the north wanted federal government. These 5 issues led to the American Civil War.


During the time of the Civil war, Abraham Lincoln was president for the northern states. He was basically the president of the country itself, because the north is the Union. For the south, Jefferson Davis was president. He led the Confederacy, and worked with the south, against the Union.


The advantage of the war and seperation is that the country would afterwards, get themselves settled, and see who was right; the north or the south. They can find out if slavery is necessary or not. They'll see how exactly the United States should function.


The disadvantage is that the Civil War made the country divide into two parts. The USA had to technically fight with itself this way.

Military Leaders

The military leader of the north was Ulysses S. Grant. During the 4 years of Civil War, he led the north, while fighting the south. The south's leader for the military was Robert E Lee.

General Information

The south seceded from the US because Abraham Lincoln was the president. He disapproved of the southern needs, and only liked the Union (Northern States). All the south states had formed the confederacy, and fought against the Union during the Civil War. The Civil War was 4 years, (1861-1865) and the north won.