My Identity

By Southida Vang

About me

  • I like shopping,movies,TV Shows,Tropical places,clothes,jewelry,celebrities,Magazines and more stuff about what i like Etc.
  • My favorite place is Mall Of America,Battle Creek Park and water works,etc.
  • My Parents live in Thailand and Laos.
  • My hobbies are singing,sketching,coloring,singing,using my imagination and painting.
  • My favorite food is Asian cuisine.
  • My favorite movie is ice age the melt down.
  • my hope is to be smart and make a good 6th grade year and score.
  • My dream is to go to Paris and be a superstar,etc. about me
  • Sometimes i go to Hmong New Year.
  • I like my culture and hmong tradition.
  • i like pets.
  • My dad used to be in the U.S. Army, but he quit because no one is supervising the children.
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My Mom's Home State

My mom's home state is Thailand and this is what Thailand looks like!
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This is Laos and where my dad used to live in such a beautiful home and land
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Hmong Cultural Night or New Year

Every year is Hmong New Year and we celebrate that day.There is a another event too! Its j-4 tournament for hmong people and you meet hmong celebrities!!!
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My Favorite books

On top are my 3 favorite books cause i love to read them!
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