Andrews Announcements

Week of September 8th - September 11th

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Week at a Glance...

Monday, September 7th
  • School Holiday

Tuesday, September 8th
  • 5th Grade Choir Rehearsal
  • After school programs: Coding, Beginning & Intermediate Chess
  • Ronnie is off campus

Wednesday, September 9th

  • Faculty Meeting
  • Ronnie is off campus

Thursday, September 10th
  • Picture day for yearbook
  • Boy Scouts Recruitment Night (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in the cafeteria)
  • After school programs: Chess Club & CrainaLogix

Friday, September 11th

  • PTA Board Meeting (conference room)

Helpful Reminders

  • PLC plans, submitted by one person from each group, are due by the end-of-day on September 4th. If you are struggling to meet the goal of Friday (because I realize it has sneaked up on us) – feel free to submit the PLC information next week instead if that extra time is needed.

  • Weight lifting warm-ups with Canned Food: Please remind your students to bring two cans from September 8th through September 11th. In P.E. students will use their cans to do bicep curls and other various exercises. Our coaches will explain how families in need will benefit from their donations after the week of weight lifting.

  • SafeSchools Requirements - As you complete each training, please bring a copy of the certificate to Donna's office, place in the appropriate envelope, and check your name off the list.

Safety Patrol Begins Next Week!

A few things have changed from last year so you’ll want to read to know where there will be support.

Morning duty

only 2 stations…front carpool and east side gym carpool. There should be around 4-5 kids out there every day on each side.

Afternoon duty

only 2 stations…

Kinder helper-you should have 3 kids helping walk students to the cars. Kinder teachers, please help these kids with this job the first couple of times so they know what to do. These students also need to bring the cones in at the end of their shift.

Back carpool- you will have 4-5 kids spread out helping kids in cars. Teachers on duty, help guide them as well.

There will be NO more kids holding doors for daycare. For one thing, as simple as you might think this job it, it wasn’t done correctly. Plus, we need their help other places.

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PISD Spirit Wear

This year PPA is offering a larger selection of Plano ISD Spirit Wear for you and your staff to wear and show district spirit. When possible we have included selections that honor the senior high school feeder colors and a more neutral color for those who don't want to choose between PESH, PSHS, or PWSH.

Our spirit wear is priced between $12.00 and $36.00. A portion of each item sold goes to PPA to use for scholarships and donations. There are many schools who offer a day per week or per month for their staff to wear the PPA shirts with jeans. We hope that you can think of creative ways to inspire your staff to buy spirit wear and help support PPA in giving scholarships and charitable donations.

The thematic t-shirts are back by popular demand. Make your Mark is offered in a variety of colors. In addition, many of you expressed an interest in zip up outerwear. We have the choice of a long sleeve fleece jacket or a vest that zips up the front.

All orders are due by 9/21/15. We will take cash or checks (made out to Plano Principal's Association) with your order forms. Please send the attached order form to Jane Oestreich at Hickey Elementary.

Meet our Newest Members to our Andrews Family!

Tiffany Morgan - Hi, I’m Tiffany Morgan, a new third grade teacher in 3rd grade. I graduated from TAMUC in December and then began a long term sub job here at Andrews. I am beyond thrilled to be in my own classroom this year. I live in Plano with my husband and two turtles (Lucy and Ethel). I am so excited to be here and be a part of the Andrews family.

Birthday Celebrations

September 13 - Jennifer Moreno

Professional Learning - Get Connected!

We are excited to announce that our upcoming #PISDbkclub featured book is Pure Genius by Don Wettrick. Please click on the link below to access our Plano ISD Book Club flyer. The flyer will provide additional information on the topic, book, author, guest moderator, chat dates/times and much more!

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to develop and/or grow their professional relationships with other passionate educators from around the district, state and country. Through our Twitter platform, Plano ISD Book Club allows for networked educators to become more informed about their practice, beliefs, and perceptions regarding education. Each member of our #PISDbkclub PLN will have the opportunity to communication, collaborate, acquire resources, elicit feedback, get support, and share ideas, data, strategies and information.

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#PISDbkclub Chat Dates

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#PISDbkclub Discussion Questions for Chat #1 - Hope to see you there!

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Optional Assessment Webinars offered in My Learning Plan (MLP)

  • August 31st - How can I use my current data to begin targeting instruction right now?
  • September 14th - Class by RIT
  • September 21st - Talking to Kids about MAP

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