Kindergarten News You Can Use

May 13, 2016

Events to Remember

May 16-20

KC Club "Feed The Kids" food drive

May 17

Spirit Night at Chop House Burger

May 20

Field Day

May 23-25

BOGO Book Fair

May 25

Independence Day picnic

May 27

Scheduled bad weather make up day

No School

May 30

Memorial Day

No School

May 31

Spirit Night at Menchie's

June 2

Kindergarten graduation 8:30 a.m.

Last day of school! Early Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m.

Reading Folders

Reading folders will not be going home anymore. We need to get them all inventoried and filed away before the end of the school year. Please take the time to look through your books at home for any that belong to the teachers. We are all missing some. Thank you for your help with this! Please continue to read with your child all summer long. Take trips to Half Price Books or the library. The Colleyville Library has a great summer reading program.

BOGO Book Fair

Mon. May 23 - 8:15- 3:00 Scholastic BOGO Book Fair

Tues. May 24 - 8:15-3:00 Scholastic BOGO Book Fair

Weds. May 25 - 8:15-noon Scholastic BOGO Book Fair

This book fair will be a bit different. You buy one book and get a 2nd of equal or lesser value free. The library will only get 7 boxes of books and once a title is sold out, it's gone. There is no online ordering. You can send your child with money and let them choose their own books or plan to come for lunch and go shopping together. The book fair will be open for a short time after school, as well. The book fair will be advertised on the BES FB page soon. What a great chance to stock up on summer reading books!

The BES library website will have information about several different Summer Reading Programs offered this summer.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Registration

Don't forget if you missed Kindergarten and Pre-K registration it's not too late. Come by the office at Bransford and our wonderful office staff can help you get registered.

Patriot Paws

Kindergarten voted on the name for the Patriot Paws Puppy! Here are the results so far:

Mrs. Ryan's class: Scout

Mrs. Hendry's class: Texan

Mrs. Romo's class: Everest

Unfortunately, we don't have 3 puppies to name so we will narrow these down to one name next week. Wish us luck! We'll let you know which one wins.

Once upon a time...

How do you know when a story is a fairy tale?

  • It has happily ever after and once upon a time or similar sentences.
  • There are nice characters and mean ones
  • Phrases are repeated ("Not by the hair on my chinny, chin-chin!").
  • The characters are often talking animals.
  • The number 3 is used. (3 Little Pigs, Jack climbs the beanstalk 3 times, etc.)
  • Royalty is present. (Cinderella, The Frog Prince)
  • Sometimes, a lesson is learned by one of the characters.
Your children know these things! We've had a wonderful time listening to and comparing fairy tales the last 2 weeks. We read the traditional versions but we also read variations on each theme. For example, The 3 Snow Bears was basically Goldilocks set in the Arctic with polar bears. In The 3 Billy Goats Fluff, the goat kids wanted to cross the bridge to get to the greener grass but the troll wouldn't let them until they stopped interrupting his sleep. So Mama Fluff knitted the kids fluffy booties to walk in. The goats crossed the bridge quietly and the troll got some sleep. In Cinderrrrella Bigfoot the Prince was disgustingly furry and smelly which made all of the Lady Bigfoots want to marry him. Cinderrrrella Bigfoot won the prince's hand by being the only Lady Bigfoot able to toss him off a log during a log rolling contest.

Your child is having a lot of fun reading and listening to fairy tale books. Many of them have chosen to write their own fairy tales.Try reading some fairy tales together at home. Better yet, make up your own fairy tale versions with your family members as the main characters.

School Supply Packs!

An order form for the 2016-17 school year's supply pack was placed in your child's take-home folder last week. This is for online ordering only! Students who order a pack will receive their school supplies at Meet the Teacher Night in August. Deadline for ordering online is June 10th. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Nelson at or 508.255.1610.


We are in need of large, new or gently-used, brown grocery bags with handles like the ones from Market Street or Braum's. Please send as many as you can. They will be used to send home year end supplies and materials. Your help is appreciated!

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan