by: Jonathan Rountree

Rains homes

Rains homes has fine homes. There is a verity of places to live. This is a big county so you might want to research before you come and live here. There are nice homes and other nice places, like fisherman's cove at lake fork. That is a good place to live and fish. I would suggest to look online at Rains county chamber of commerce for places to live. There is some good hunting in Rains. Because of all the woods.

why to live here??

One of the reasons to live here is because there is good hunting and the land is woodland. I don't know about you but I like a lot of trees where I live. There are always job openings here so that you can find one easily. the population is 10,914 so you can always find friends.

you could find houses under 20,00 that look like the pic below. some of the highlet points are

  • Jammin’ sessions of ho’down music fills the backroom at Joe Ben’s Music Store every Thursday afternoons.
  • "Saturday Nite Shindig Show", a Branson style live family entertainment at the Cotton Pickin' Theatre, featuring country, gospel and 50's rock tunes.
  • "Rural American Idol" competition - at the Cotton Pickin' Theatre

- Semi-finals (Division 3) on October 27th

- 10th season FINALS on November 17th.