Scott D. Owens P.A. Update

2015 was a record year here at Scott D. Owens P.A.!


  • In 2015 we settled ___ FACTA cases totaling at $___ in settlements.
  • We have set the record for the three highest FACTA Class Action Settlement in _______ case. We also had monumental settlements in cases against _____ & _____.
  • Under this statute, merchants are limited as to what information they may print on a point-of-sale receipt. Merchants can only reveal the last five digits of your credit or debit card.
  • If your receipt has the expiration date of your credit or debit card, OR if it has any combination of numbers from the credit or debit card (that is not the last five digits of the card), it may be a FACTA violation.
  • We urge you to check your receipts carefully. If you see such a violation, you may be entitled to money damages.


  • In 2015 we settled ___ TCPA cases totaling at $_____ in settlements.
  • We settled some very important cases such as ___ & ____.
  • Under this statute, telemarketers and debt collectors are limited as to their use of automated dialing and pre-recorded voice messages.
  • They may not use automated-calls, pre-recorded messages, or text messages to cell phones without express written consent. Telemarketers and debt-collectors are also prohibited from using pre-recorded messages for calls made to residential telephone lines. Lastly, the TCPA prohibits any solicitation calls to those consumers who have registered their numbers on the Do-not-call registry.
  • If you feel that you may know of a TCPA violation, you should save the numbers of anyone who calls you for any of the above described purposes. You should also save any voicemails that may be left by these numbers, even if there is no one speaking in them. A detailed written record with as much information of the call is also a good practice.
  • We urge you to register your number in the National Do Not Call Registry. (

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