Digital Citizenship

Social Media by darby



Cyberbullying is using technology to deliberately hurt someone.

kidshelpline or call 1800 55 1800

for more info visit this site

"Before it starts" cyber bullying short film.
cyberbully full movie


to keep safe online their are lots of things you can do such as...

  • read the terms and conditions of what you are signing up to and just often read them to refresh your memory.
  • MONTHLY or WEEKLY check who and what are on your social media or game you are playing or browsing.


here are the rules of netiquette

  • 1. remember the human.
  • 2.Act the same way you would online as you would in reality.
  • 3 Know what social media or game site you are on.
  • 4 Respect others time online.
  • 5 Make yourself look nice and presentable.
  • 6 Share your knoledge with others online.
  • 7 Help keep disagreements under controll .
  • 8 Respect others privacy.
  • 9 Dont abuse others.
  • 10 Forgive others over the mistakes they have made.