Pre-work Description

Below you will find the first wave of videos from your fellow coaches. To keep this process simple I bulleted steps.

  • Read the context and question(s) posed by your peer
  • Watch the video

  • Take notes related to the peer feedback request only
  • Read the context and question(s) posed by your peer again then jot down your feedback
  • Repeat this process until you have viewed all 4 videos.

Josh Czupryk


Katherine is working on integrating academic skills and behavior management skills – specifically restating expectations for students before giving a warning or clip move.

Peer Feedback Request:

In this video, Josh would like feedback on his cueing – is it natural? Is it effective? Does it result in Katherine addressing student needs?

From Katrina:

Be thinking about 1 or 2 key places in the video to stop and provide Josh with a clear tip for making his cues come off seamless and more effective.

IMG 9189

Avis Robinson


Mrs. Williams is in her 1st year of teaching. She has struggled to build "teacher moves" and is currently working on enhancing her guided reading instruction to improve students' reading performance. The practice starts at 7 minutes and 34 seconds in. and stops at 10 minutes and 37 seconds. Avis would like peers to focus on the practice this teacher is doing.

Peer Feedback Request:

Did the practice give the teacher what she needs to leave and begin executing on the skill of teaching with a teaching point? Was the feedback Avis gave meaningful, clear, actionable?

From Katrina:

When answering Avis's questions be sure to note 1 or 2 places in the video you want to stop and provide more details to support your feedback.

Williams Feedback Cycle 4

Tammy Butler


Ms. Allen is working on setting clear behavioral expectations to students prior to them engaging in learning activities. Historically, she has struggled with economy of language and providing directions that are clear and concise. We determined 3-4 directions to communicate. Tammy cued her on these directions the next day. Start at the 25 minute mark.

Peer Feedback Request:

Does Ms. Allen have enough ownership over what she should say/how she should communicate her directions? Is Tammy’s feedback on her initial practice clear enough so that she knows what should be changed? What else could be improved?

From Katrina:

When answering Tammy's questions be sure to note 1 or 2 places in the video you want to stop and provide more details to support your feedback.

Allen Obs debrief and setup for cueing

Elizabeth Swoboda


Ms. Lester’s action step this week is to circulate and help individual students during independent practice. There have been multiple instances in her class when she sits down at her computer during independent practice while students work silently. In general, this teacher has checked out of Westside because she has already secured a job next year. We recently created small groups in her classroom, and my hope is that with this smaller atmosphere she can give more individualized feedback to students.

Lizzie wants to really focus on how to ask appropriate questions to help her come to conclusions (and her action step) on her own. Throughout the meeting with her, Lizzie had trouble engaging her in truly problem solving. Repeatedly, she creates excuses or states best practices that she doesn't actually put in place. In this meeting, Lizzie tried to engage her by using exit ticket data and questions about student misconceptions. Focus on minute 33:06 to 45:00 minutes.

Peer Feedback Request:

Where could Lizzie have shifted the ratio in this conversation from her to Ms. Lester? How could Lizzie have guided Ms. Lester in coming up with an action step that Ms. Lester had ownership in?

From Katrina:

Be sure to note 1 or 2 places to stop the video and provide Lizzie with clear “what to do” tips, feedback, and/or considerations to help her shift the engagement and ratio.

Lester meeting 3 24 2015 3 24 PM

This is "Video Wave #1"! I will send out "Video Wave #2" Friday! Bring your notes with you to PD!

Our goal is to make it through all videos! #GETREADY #FLASHPROTOCOL #TEAMCOACHING #WEGOTTHIS