Dearest Miss Amelia Magger

To our dearest friend Miss Amilia

As you know our most talented daughter, Adeline dreadfully fell to her death right before our eyes. It would be a pleasure if you and your lovely husband, Sir Toby will be there to attend. There also will be a after party where we'll be making cupcakes because it was our darling Adeline's Favourite activity. It would be blissful if you could bring your little ones, Annabelle and Arnold, and the twins Ava and Gemma.She would always want everyone to be happy, so a celebration for her will bring fresh memories to everyone. There will be a buffet and her favourite music will be playing. A week from today there be a funeral. It is very important that everyone must wear light pink and black. It will be held at 9:30 sharp and will end at 12:15. Your youngster are not required to come. Refreshment and finger food will severed. We hope you will make it.

Kind regards

Miss Aria

The funeral details

Imformation about the funereal

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