POHW Before Poster

By Lauren Fry

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan's family. Example is when Hollis said " We still have one last weekend. Remember? The last weekend." Page-79

2) Hollis Trust

Hollis was not trusting and she would run away. Example is when Hollis said " I didn't do that, either. I lasted there through most of September, and then I ran." Page-137

3) Tough Hollis

Hollis always wanted people to think she was tough because she did not want them to know that she was sad. Example-Emmy came back in with tears in her eyes."You want tough?" I asked. "I'll show you tough." Page-146

4)Wish to Want

She drew a W picture because she wished for a family. Example is when Hollis said "How about W for Wish, or W for want, or W for would't it be lovely." Page-1

5)Kid for Izzy

Izzy always wanted more kids. Example is when Izzy said "I always wanted more children," she said. "For me,for John,for Steven." She patted the stone. "I wanted a baby for each corner of my house." Page-69

6) Changing the Mind

When Hollis believed that it was her fault that Steven and the Old Man where fighting. Example is when Hollis said "Do they always fight?" I asked. "Or..." I hesitated, trying to sound as if I didn't care, as if it weren't important "do you think it's because I'm here?" Page-69

7) School for Hollis

When Hollis would not go to school for anyone. She did not like school. Example-"Why aren't you on school?" "School ?" Josie asked, looking confused. I didn't answer, of course I didn't. Page-53