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Team Lucky Charms New Designer Newsletter

Welcome To Origami Owl Team Lucky Charms!

Hello, I am Carla New, Senior Director with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You are receiving this newsletter because you are a new designer on one of the 12 levels of my team. You may have selected another mentor, but you are still part of the Team Lucky Charms Family!!! Welcome to the team and congratulations on becoming an active designer... you will LOVE it!!! The information below is designed to get your business jump started.
You have joined on the top performing teams in the Nation. We are very excited to have you on this journey with us.
If you have not yet joined and are interested in learning more information, contact me at 614-859-5859 or carla@designalocket.com

The Origami Owl Starter Kit

Origami Owl Starter Kit

Your Origami Owl starter kit will usually ship within 1-2 business days and will arrive via Fed Ex within 2 business days after shipping. When your kit arrives, be sure to unpack it immediately and check to ensure that you have received all of the contents.
I also suggest that you view the What's In The Box Video . To access the video,
Login to your Designer Backoffice by entering your Designer # and Password. Once you are logged in, click O2 Academy and then Business Academy and then New Designer. Next click on Your Business Package + Products.
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Your Designer Website

Congratulations!! Your Designer replicated site is available for use as soon as you enroll. To locate it, enter the site name that you selected during enrollment into the address bar of your favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. Example. If I entered janedoe during enrollment as my site name, my website would be janedoe.origamiowl.com . If you forget what you entered, you can locate it by logging in to the backoffice and clicking on Account and then look next to Website. What is listed there will be your website site name.

NOTE: Ensure that you enter the site name in the address bar and NOT within the search box of the browser. The address bar is the white space at the very top of the screen that usually starts with http:// or https: NOTE: You do not need to enter www to access your site.

How To Place Orders

If you'd like to place an order for jewelry, business supplies or display items, log in to your backoffice and then click Orders and then click Shopping to order jewelry. Click Supply Order to order display items and business supplies. NOTE: When you order jewelry as a designer order, your 30-50% discount is given upfront.

Your First Jewelry Bar

It is important to start off by hosting your very first Jewelry Bar within your first 30 days. Please contact your mentor for assistance with selecting a date for your first Jewelry Bar.
Once you have booked the first Jewelry Bar, contact her again, to set up a time to review how to create a booking in your backoffice and tips for entering your first orders.

Be sure to watch the Profitable Jewelry Bar Video. The Password is oocall

Founders Bella and Chrissy Weems have created a few videos that show how to set up a jewelry bar display, how to connect with your hostess and how to connect with your guests. WATCH ALL THREE!!! These are great. Essentially, you will learn what to do at a jewelry bar :)

Jewelry Bar Training - The Setup


Jewelry Bar Training - Hostess Coaching


Jewelry Bar Training - Connect with Your Guests


View A Live Jewelry Bar Demo


O2 Academy

O2 Academy is where you can find documents, images, videos and training.

To access O2 Academy login to the designer back office and click the O2 Academy link in the title bar.

To learn how to navigate O2 Academy, watch this quick video.


Frequently Asked Questions

Designers earn 50% commission on sales of charms, dangles, plates and 30% on lockets, chains, CORE, window plates and earrings Order products at wholesale cost and sell at your parties or in one on one design consultations and keep the profit at point of sale: Commissions from customer sales on your website are paid weekly (orders are tracked weekly through Saturday Midnight and commissions paid the following Friday, via Payquicker.
After enrollment, you will receive an email from Payquicker to get your account started. Go ahead and do that right away. If you do not get it started right away do not worry... when you receive your first commission payment, you will receive a payment notification from Payquicker.com with a link to get your account started.

Leadership bonuses are paid monthly the 10th of month following. (Please see Career Plan PDF)

Requirements to remain active
Designers are required to have $250 in wholesale purchases every 6 months.

Requirements to earn on your down line team volume (Please see Career Plan PDF. Also please feel free to check with me for any questions or clarification. )

Hostess Rewards

Origami Owl offers generous hostess rewards plan. Visit the website to find the current rewards. Visit the O2 Academy link in the backoffice to find the most up to date hostess rewards flyer. HINT: Use keyword "hostess rewards" in the search box to locate the flyer.

Website Fees

Designers have access to a state of the art eCommerce website that can be used to market your business. Your membership fee includes the first 90 days of free access to an eCommerce website site, Contact Manager and monthly Customer Newsletter subscription. After 90 days, the fee continue the service is $10 per month or $110 or the year. If you choose not to subscribe, you will only have access to the backoffice and will place your customer orders there.

Home Office Contact Info:
Origami Owl
450 N. 54TH ST

To contact The Nest, via email use the contact us link found on https://www.origamiowl.com/customerservice Once you are on the contact us link, click the link to the contact form and select Designer and then select the topic that pertains to your inquiry.

Other Flyers & Marketing Materials
Designer are encouraged to use the pre-designed flyers, images and templates in the backoffice, however, if you choose to create any of these items on your own, you must follow the O2 Look Guidelines found on the O2 Style Guide and submit the completed designs to the Marketing Department for approval. Contact Marketing at marketing@origamiowl.com. Please allow 7-10 days for review.

Business cards may be ordered from Flyers Direct .

Returns/Missing Items/Refunds/Exchanges

If you or your customer needs to request a refund, exchange or file a claim for a missing item or damaged, visit returns.origamiowl.com and complete the form. Follow any or all directions given by Origami Owl after the claim is submitted.

How to Create a Jewelry Bar and Enter The Orders

{Entering Jewelry Bar Orders Correctly} Follow the steps below when creating Jewelry Bar Orders. Also view the video below for tips from The Nest that contain best practices and tips on creating and closing a Jewelry Bar

How to Place Jewelry Bar Orders Video updated 8.20.15 https://origamiowl.wistia.com/medias/n97tb2slq7

  • Enter Guest Orders (select Retail Pricing only)
  • Enter Hostess Retail order if applicable (click SAVE after order entry)
  • Enter Hostess Rewards Order (click Save after order entry)
  • Enter Guests Payments (be sure to click SAVE after each order)
  • Enter Hostess Payments
  • Apply Payments
  • Close Jewelry Bar

Soar To Success Quick Start Program

New Designers are eligible to earn free jewelry and display items when they have 500 to 1500 Personal Volume (PV) within their first 90 days. Checkout The Soar To Success Flyer to learn more about this amazing program.
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Carla New, Independendent Designer/Senior Director Origami Owl

I am Carla New, Independent Origami Owl Designer/Senior Director. I have a passion for training and development and look forward to following you on your Origami Owl journey. Please be sure to use your mentor as your first point of contact when you have questions, comments and concerns. She is happy to assist you. If she does not know the answer, she is encouraged to reach up to her mentor for support.
If you are interested in becoming a Designer, visit my website carlanew.origamiowl.com or contact me for more information. I may be reached at 614-859-5859 or carla@designalocket.com