Puerto Rico

Capitol- San Juan; Population- 3.548 million

Puerto Rican Flag

The Puerto Rican flag is extremely significant in many different ways. The large white star in the blue triangle represents the commonwealth of the people. The three sides of the blue equilateral triangle together make up the three branches of the government. Three red stripes are shown to represent the blood that feeds their government while the remaining two white stripes depict the freedom and rights of the individual man.


The Puerto Rican government is a Republican Government that is associated with the United States of America. The Chief of State is the U.S. President and the head of the Government is the elected Governor, as of now, Alejandro García Padilla. This government is self governing and has two legislative chambers: House of Representatives, 51 seats, and Senate, 27 seats.
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Puerto Rico's currency is the U.S. dollar.
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Cultural Activities and Entertainment!

Puerto Rico has many fun and unique activities to participate in. All over the country, there is lots of very diverse and amazing gatherings happening. Festivals are major events in Puerto Rico; in almost every town, there are festivals held for their chosen Patron Saint. Every year, thousands of people participate in a special week called Danza Week. In this special week, many events are held in celebration of the rich culture, history, and music of Danza. The month of November is also very special in Puerto Rico because people all around the world come to this country to participate or watch the International Film Festival. Puerto Rico is a very fun place to go and an amazing place to meet new people.


Puerta Rico has and endless supply of delicious and diverse food. They use many different combinations of spices to create interesting mixes of tasty flavored meals and desserts.

Tourist Attractions

Puerto Rico is filled with many historical landmarks and naturally beautiful sights. Some major tourist attractions are the absolutely stunning beaches, historical settlements, and the exciting caves.