The Iranian Revolution

By:Jesse Davila

Who revolted and what did they all have in common

The people revolted because of what the ruler did and they did not like what he did and they have nothing in common but to get their ruler Shah Rea Pahlavi

Why did the people revolt

The reason why the people revolted was because Shah Rea Pahlavi because he wanted to divide the rich and the poor so the people revolted so that he would change his mind about what he wanted to do

How did the people organize the revolt

The revolt took a while to get everything planned and make sure everything was right and they got the word to spread because it got put on the radio so that everyone could hear it so whoever wanted to join could

How did the people over throw the goverment

The people over powered the goverment by all going together and tried attacking Shah Rea Pahlavi well when he found out that the people were coming for them he left the country and never came back and his statue was tore down.
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How did the government respond

They got a new leader named Shahpur Bakhtair to run the country but nothing changed and this caused more street fights and and it got the law involved but no military because they didn't want power

Was the Government the same or different

It was different because the people got their way and it turned into a republic source

Key quote

The shah has become a symbol of everything wrong with Iran, that is why people want him out-martin woollacott