Weight: 15%

Due: Final Interview (April 26th, 2018)

For this final wrap-up assignment, you will write approximately 750 words (3 pages, not including images) that reflect on the Capstone that you have now completed.

You have spent long days, even longer nights slaving away at this project. For many of you, the final Capstone hardly resembles your initial project plan from Game Proposals at all. While having a flagship piece for your demo reels is crucial, being able to convey your experience working on the project, and what you learned from it is also of great importance.

The paper should be divided into 4 parts:

Project Objective

This one should be short, half a page max. In it, outline succinctly what the project was, and what you set out to achieve in building it. Why chose this? What would you gain from building this? The Capstone is all about self-directed goals, and development as artists. For the Capstone to be successful, you should have set out learning objectives for yourself. Becoming self-reliant is a huge part of this industry and these job roles, explain what it was you wanted to tackle.

What Went Right

Outline all the positive experiences with the project. The cool things you learned. The new workflows you came up with to get work done better / faster. If it applies, software tools you used, feedback avenues you leveraged. Talk about the 'happy accidents' that took the project on new, better courses, tips and tricks you picked up. Written well, this should definitely help you outline the positive elements of your project during interview questioning. Roughly a page and a half here.

What Went Wrong

No one enjoys admitting they screwed up. The good news here is that you'll get rewarded for explaining what happened. Remember that you're not necessarily talking about what you did wrong, but how you wouldn't do things again. What were the stumbling blocks?

Was it time management? A clunky process that ate up time? Biting off more than you could chew, or simply not planning? Break down what went wrong in the project, how you'd deal with it next time you work on something, and / or what you did to get through it.

Honestly, here is where we learn the most when we grow as artists - it's not just the successes, but what you learn from not doing things "right" and how you deal with it that makes you stronger, more experienced, more humble, and ultimately more employable. Give me a page and a half on this one.


Wrap it up. Tell me what you thought of the overall results and whether or not you felt the project was a success. Keep in mind success can be measured in a lot of different ways - it's not just about the grade, but if you found the project meaningful for you or your demo reel, or your development or just how you'd approach things next time. Be honest. If it kinda flopped, that's ok, but tell me why. If you're really happy with it, great! Even better - tell me what you gained from it. What have you learned about the technology, the art, yourself. This doesn't need to be long, again, about half a page.

Papers are due printed and stapled with a cover page next week. Be sure to include screenshots and images to illustrate what you're referring to, to provide visuals for your discussion. As a result, I expect the papers will be longer than three pages, but try and keep the word count to within +/- 200 words of 750 words.

This is an important paper to write! It will prepare you for interview questions, not just here at the end of the semester, but when you're out hunting for work. Give this the time and the attention it deserves! It will help you collect your thoughts into coherent, succinct points which will be crucial in the interview process.

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