Living In Qatar

by:Helejna Petersen 4V

The country and it's Flag

The country I got assigned to research on is Qatar the Capital of Qatar is Doha. There Flag is a maroon with a broad white separated band on the hoist side,maroon represents blood shed in wars,and the white stands for peace and the 9 points signifies as the 9th member of the reconciled Emirates in the wake of Qatari-British treaty of 1916.


Qatar is a country with a small population on Asia,united Arab emirates,Kuwait,Bahrain,and Saudi Arabia surround it.

They have sand dunes since the country consists of a lot of dessert area.

Some of there major land forms are there Asian game sites,The corniche, Fanar Qatar Islamic cultural center

The Major body of water is the Persian Gulf,It is most times very hot in Qatar and most wear long clothes.Just imagine the heat they suffer from.


Qatar is an Emirate, meaning it is a monarchy with the head of state ,the government is led by a prime minister who is appointed by the Emir.

The leader/Emirate is Hamad bin Khalifia Althani chosen in 1995.

The leaders of Qatar are chosen by Election just like they are in the united states.

A responsibility is that in Qatar you must go to school.You have some rights after you attend school, such as you may obtain a job after you have completed school.


Qatar is one of the richest countries in the whole entire world do to many of there unique oil supplies.

In Qatar they pay for the things they would like to purchase in Riyals,and there main export is petroleum/oil.

The Average Birth Rate in Qatar is 9.48 births within a population of 1000, There Life Expectancy is 78.59 , there literacy rate is 97.3%, and there drinking water source is the Persian Gulf.


in Qatar Females wear a black cloak with a head scarf of some sort and Men wear a full length white gown, But this is not required to be worn in Qatar.In Qatar there major language is Arabic and there major holiday id Eid Al Fitr.

The main religion in Qatar is Islam and they believe that there is one god which is Allah, they believe that there god doesn't die,eat,sleep or ant thing along those lines.

They locally grow most of there foods such as sour apples,pecans,and dates...but there main dish is a stew with spiced rice and some sort of meat or seafood.


In Qatar they have a hot weather climate and there average rain fall is less than 3 inches because its a desert climate,along with that the average yearly temperature is right around 100*F.

It is very hot so it caused them to not be able to produce some of there resources like fish because much water would dry out.


In the first war of independence 1867-1868,it resulted in British intervention and signing of the treaty of 1868 the conflict resulted in wide scale destruction in both countries.

As a result of adequate crude oil supplies at the time, exploratory drilling in Qatar did not begin until 1938. Oil was discovered in Dukhan, on the west coast, in 1939 By 1940 about 4,000 barrels per day were being produced.

Compare and contrast

Clothing - in Qatar they usually wear long gowns or cloaks when in america we usually wear business or casual.

Food-We have about the same type of foods and we both have a melting pot of foods.

Aspects of Cultre

clothing similarities: they don have to wear a certain type of clothes and the clothes are not expected to cover all skin showing. clothing differences: most wear cloaks and gowns with head scarf and they are preferred to wear that even though they don't have to

language similarities: we both speak English and speak more than one languages language differences: we don't speak Arabic and we speak more languages then Qatar.

music similarities: we both listen to the same style music like country , pop , etc.

Religion similarities: we both believe in one god and one god only religion differences: there religion is Arabic and ours is Christian

food similarities: we both locally grow plenty of our foods and we both have a melting pot. food differences: they have a lot of odd foods that we don't have.

entertainment similarities: we both watch movies and play most of the same sports entertainment differences: they have many strange attractions.

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