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16-year-old Pakistani student Malala Yousafazi was an advocate for students’ rights in her hometown of Swat during a very dangerous time of war and political upheaval. Malala won the Nobel peace Prize in 2014. She now lives in the United Kingdom where she still attends school.

The message: If there’s anyone who is in a position to bring positive change into the world every day, it’s a teacher. Don’t ever think that your efforts as a teacher are insignificant and make no difference. There is no telling what positive effect you will have on someone’s life, especially a student’s. Be brave, stay passionate about your kids and your work, and don’t give up—ever.

Weekly Newsletter

Thank you for all your hard work in creating the weekly newsletters that go home to families! I know that families appreciate having detailed information about what their children are doing at school.

Just a couple notes:

  • Include authors when listing book titles so that families may look for these books when reading at home
  • Please send your newsletter to myself and Marykaye by the previous Thursday to allow for time to edit/copy the newsletter. If you could do it before lunch that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Related Service provides, please send your tip of the month, the Thursday prior to your assigned week. For example, next week is Week 4 of the month, so we should have this team's tip by this Thursday.

Tip of the Month Weeks:

Week 1- SLP

Week 2- PT

Week 3- SW

Week 4- OT

Thank you again for your continued efforts in communicating with families and making a connection between school and home!


Pre-IPT's were due last week. Please check to see if you have completed these for all your eligible students here.

Erin Sterling will be sharing new eligibility criteria for students that qualify as EL learners in the coming weeks.

If you need extra forms, please let Marykaye or I know the quantity and we will get them to you.

Thank You!

  • Thank you Debbie, Maggie, Courtney, Maria, Jillian, Jenna M, and Marykaye for all your help with screenings last week!

Important Dates

Monday 9.19

  • Melzer Culver's Night 5-8pm

Wednesday 9.21

  • Melzer Staff Meeting @ 8:30
  • Play-Based Evaluation Day
  • Annual Review Meeting 3:25-3:45

Thursday 9.22

  • Screening Day @ Melzer

Monday 9.26

  • Team Meeting 8:30-11:20

Tuesday 9.27

  • Barb Out All Day @ Coordinator's Meeting
Thursday 9.29
  • Barb Out @ Conference
Friday 9.30
  • Barb Out @ Conference