I will go to these places after college

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. I would go there with my Grandparent's. I would camp there go hiking etc... The Colorado River is carved in the Grand Canyon it keeps it keeps hitting it soon there will be nothing left of it. water keeps smacking into it everyday this happens and pieces of rock are falling off of it. It is physical weathering.
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National Geographic - Amazing Flight Over The Grand Canyon

Jog Falls

I would want to go here with my family and watch water falling down. The location of Jog Falls is in India. Monsoons form it and rivers joined in that is why there is so many waterfalls in that picture below. Jog Falls was created by: Sharavathi River. It is physical weathering.
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Natural Bridge Caverns

I went to the Natural Bridge Caverns with my Grandma, papa and my brother we went in the cave on the tour and the zip line. The Natural Bridge Caverns is located in San Antonio TX. The natural bridge cavern was made by a sinkhole. bats form this cave and earthquake and people.
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The Albanian Riviera

I would go here in the summer with my family we would make sandcastles, swim and jump the waves stuff like that. The beach is located in Albania physical weathering occurred here it was formed by mountains and by people etc.
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Mount Rushmore

I would go here on my birthday. I would take my family to Mount Rushmore for a vacation. we would take pictures of us and name the names on there. Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota. It is physical weathering. It was formed by people and erosion of course water is eroding it and weathering to a lot of stuff is form it.
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