Harlem Renaissance

By: Jake Sharrer

Five Basic Facts

1. The Harlem renaissance occurred because of the impact of the civil war.

2. This period occurred around 1910 to 1930.

3. The main location is Harlem, New York City.

4. Harlem became the cultural center for the African American people.

5. The best education that the African American could get was from the school located in Harlem.

Five Fun Facts

1. The term 'Renaissance' derives from Latin meaning "be born again, rise again, to be renewed".

2. The artists used modern art styles to reflect African American life and culture.

3. The authors of the period wrote fiction and non-fiction, novels, plays, children's books and published essays, articles and edited various publications.

4. Harlem Renaissance clothing reflected many of the new, daring styles and fashions of the Roaring Twenties.

5. The new style of jazz music inspired new, crazy and flamboyant dance moves.

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