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Solar Nebulos Theory

By: Allysa Gammons

What is the Solar Nebular Theory?!?!

The Solar Nebular Theory is also known as "Nebular Hypothesis". It is the formation and evolution of what we call the Solar System. It is applied to our Solar System but the method of planetary system is thought to hold true secrets about the Universe.

What does the Solar Nebular Theory State?!?!

It states that the Nebula cloud made from a collection of gas and dust. Most people believe that Planets, Asteroids, Moons, and Sun were all formed around the same time as the Nebula.

Who discovered the SNT Theory?!?!

Immanuel Kant discovered The SNT Theory. He was a German philosopher who is concerned to be a central figure of modern philosophy. He had argued that fundamental concepts structure human experience.

When was the Theory developed?!?!

It wad developed in the 18th Century or as you can say 4.6 billion years ago.