Discovery Details

February 26, 2021

Contact Information

Principal: April Whipple

Associate: Jennifer Holm

Associate: Katie Ronning

Calendar Dates:


Monday, 3/1 - 7th/8th Grade Hybrid cohort A begins

Tuesday, 3/2 - Intramurals Begin 3:30-4:15

Thursday, 3/4- 7th/8th Grade Hybrid Cohort B begins

Monday, 3/15 - End of Trimester 2

Friday, 3/26 - Report Cards


Monday, 4/5-9 - Spring Break

Wildcat Tales


Discovery Families,

We look forward to welcoming our 7th & 8th graders back to Discovery next week. Cohort A will return on Monday, March 1st. Cohort B will return on Thursday, March 4th. It was a great week meeting our new 6th graders and helping them to navigate the building. The students did a great job following all the COVID protocols, finding their classes and meeting new classmates. As a staff we are so happy to see our students in person!


Please make sure your child has supplies in their backpack when reporting to school on their assigned days. Please bring the following: backpack, charged iPad, earbuds/headphones, refillable water bottle, #2 pencils, composition notebooks, colored pencils, highlighters, ball point pens. Math workbooks and their 6th grade Ancient Civilization textbook are also needed. Students will not be permitted to share supplies and we will not offer communal supplies. Please make sure your child has supplies in their backpack when reporting to school on their assigned days.


You will receive an email each day your child is scheduled to be at school. Please submit this form to document your child's health status for the day. This form will give approval to send your child to school.


Please make sure to check you bus stop location and time for your first day of hybrid in-person learning.


Discovery will continue to serve Grab and Go meals for students not attending school on specific days. Lunch pick up will move to the parking lot near the gym. Lunches are available for any VPS students from 11:00 to 12:30 daily.


Teachers will open their Zoom meeting link and then welcome the in-person students into the classroom. Zoom students will be in the waiting room for the first 5 minutes of class. This will allow remote/home students time to check Canvas for the day's plan and download any needed documents. The teacher will welcome the Zoom students into the room at 5 minutes after the bell to join their in-person classmates. Here is a visual of how the live streaming will work.


Students can arrive on campus starting at 8:30. Students eating breakfast can go directly through the front doors and into the commons to eat. All other students will wait to enter the building at 8:40 for the temperature scan. Students will enter the main front doors and head into their classrooms from 8:40-9:00.


7th & 8th graders will get a new schedule print out when they arrive at school for their first day of hybrid. This will allow students to see their room numbers. We highly recommend that students take a picture of this schedule so they can always view it in their iPad since we will only be handing out schedules on the first day.


Students will want to pay attention to which day they attend band/orchestra. Since students will take their instruments with them from class to class, there is no need to bring their instrument to school on the day they do not attend band/orchestra. Please check the schedule to see if an instrument is needed on the even or odd days.


Hello Discovery Families!!

The PTO wants to wish you all the best as hybrid classes and remote learning continues to move forward. Discovery truly has the best teachers and administrators. We thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our students and community !!! We have some exciting news about our up-and-coming contest. Show us your best leprechaun picture starting March 8th- 17th. The winner will be announced on March 18th. The students of Discovery will be picking this year’s winner. The winner will win a $20 GameStop card and be featured in the school yearbook. Please send all pictures to May the best leprechaun win!!

Corenna Khieu

President of the Discovery PTO


Dear VPS families,

Historically, we have provided a brief screening of hearing and vision for all students in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th grades during regular school days. Due to restrictions related to the current pandemic, screenings are happening a little differently, and more slowly than we would hope. We will continue to provide screenings for students attending in-person

services whenever it can be done safely, given the precautions that are

currently required. Ensuring that your students are able to see and hear adequately is

essential to continued success in learning, both in-person and virtually. If

you have any concern about your student’s vision or hearing that hasn’t been

addressed, please be sure to make an appointment with a licensed vision or

hearing care professional as soon as possible. You can find valuable information about your student’s vision health at . We have also included a checklist of signs you can monitor for, which may indicate a vision problem that needs attention. If it has been a while since your student’s last well-child visit, please communicate with your pediatrician about scheduling the best time to do this. Regular check-ups with your child’s health care provider can help to identify and prevent many health problems that can

develop or worsen over time. If you would like this document read to you please call:

Russian: Если Вы хотите, чтобы Вам прочитали этот документ, пожалуйста, позвоните по телефону: 360-313-4956.

Spanish: Si desea que le lean este documento en español, favor llamar al: Señora Avila, 360-313-1252 .