Tobacco Project

By Zach Edberg

Long Term Affects

Emphysema is a disease in where the long's air sacs start to enlarge then fail killing the person.

Bladder Cancer is a cancer type in which the person will have blood in urine and will have pain when urinating usually causing the bladder to fail.

Burns is caused by smoking which starts fires.

Strokes is caused by clotting of blood cells in the brain causing little to no air to reach it.

Short term affects

Tar enters the lungs on the first smoke causing mass production of mucus.

Heart Attack is caused by clotting of blood in heart.

Loss of your sense of taste and smell will occur.

The heart will start to speed up and you will soon run out of breath very quickly.

3 reasons why I don't use tobacco

Body, Brain, Addiction


The addiction caused by tobacco is caused by nicotine which will imitate your happy chemicals and cause you to feel really happy for a short period of time and it takes more smoking to get that same feeling

2nd hand smoke

2nd hand smoke is just as bad as smoking because the smoke that comes out of a smokers mouth has the same chemicals as smoking and will cause the same diseases as smoking.

Resources used

  • journal notes used
  • smoking cessation
  • cigarette boxes