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Abby - Simon Says - Go Memory for Kids

Abby - Simon Says - Go Memory for Kids is an engaging variant on a classical memory game designed for cognitive development of your children. With a progressively increasing level of difficulty, this game is a perfect memory practice for all pre-school children of various expertise. This app can be purchased in the app store for just $0.99.

Teacher Web Tools


Timetoast is a place to create and share timelines on the web. You can create historical timelines of important events in just minutes! You can also browse already-made timelines.


Diigo is a multi-tool for knowledge management.

  • handy digital highlighters and sticky notes on PC/Mobile
  • build personal library with links, pages, notes, pictures, etc.
  • organize information as little or as much as you want, once saved it's easy to find on any device or PC
  • cloud based
  • archived webpages
  • collaboration for any large or small group

Download the diigo app free!

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