Weekend Update

1/30 - 1/31

Coaching Starts on Monday, February 1st!

All the deets about coaching

The link above will take you to the Japanese 2 coaching schedule.

If you have not signed up for coaching yet or do not see your name on this list, text Boutin Sensei at 919-964-5227 or email sarah.boutin@ncpublicschools.gov with your name and your desired time/day/coach so you can be added TODAY.

Click the link below to open a handy dandy reference guide that will help you get you and your computer ready for coaching. Please read through this today and make sure you're ready to go for coaching on Monday/Tuesday next week!

Get Those Overdue Assignments In This Weekend

Everyone got a "Get Out of Jail Free" card on overdue assignments during the past 2 weeks of class.

Any assignment from lessons 1 and 2 that is not submitted prior to Monday morning (February 1st) is subject to point deductions for being overdue.

Going forward from February 1st, all assignments submitted past their due date are subject to point deductions for being overdue.

Go to the My Grades link on the left hand navigational toolbar today to check your grades and make sure you don't have any dreaded 0s for any of your assignments.

Also be sure you check your feedback regularly to help you level up in Japanese! Watch the video below if you need help doing this.

Print out your DUE DATE CALENDAR (link below) and keep it somewhere you see it each day.

If you don't understand something or need help, this does not excuse overdue work. It is your responsibility to seek help if you need it. Contact me if you need help or don't understand something so we can figure it out together and get you on your merry way to Good Grade Land in Japanese 2. :D

Click Here for Japanese 2 Due Date Calendar

Did you print out a copy of the handy dandy due date calendar yet? If not, please do this today and put it somewhere you'll see it everyday!

Are you watching your videos?

Every lesson has a video that goes along with the new grammar and vocabulary we're working on each week. Watching these videos is a great way to expose yourself to native speakers using what we learn in class in everyday conversations. The links to the videos from lessons 1 and 2 are below. Please watch them a few times over the weekend to help you practice.

Be sure that all of the items listed below are completed ASAP:

  1. Note when your coaching time/day is and who your coach is (contact me TODAY if you need to sign up)
  2. Lesson 2 Writing Assignment
  3. Lesson 2 Culture Discussion
  4. Lesson 2 Speaking Assignment
  5. Lesson 2 Vocabulary Assignment
  6. Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz
  7. Lesson 2 Grammar Quiz
  8. All orientation items + Lesson 1 items

Contact me or the Peer Tutoring Center if you need help.

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