By: Kayla Eisinger

Leopard Types

Spotted leopard

There 8 different types of leopards. I will teach you about 4 types. Spotted leopards are the most popular type of leopards. They are yellow and have brownish spots. they can grow to be seven feet. They are the largest group to live near us. Lastly they have a loud hiss.

Black Leopards

Black leopards live in Asia and India. Some black leopard cubs leave home before spotted leopard cubs do. They leave as early as one year old. Their coats are good for camouflage. They might not look like it but they have spots. Due to this people think they are black panthers.

Clouded leopards and Snow leopards

The last two leopards are not real leopards. They are known as the clouded leopards and snow leopards. They both live in Asia but clouded leopards live in the rain forest and snow leopards live in mountains. Since they are white they are the rarest type of leopard. These leopards also have gray spots. There fur is puffier then other types of leopards.

Leopards vs. Jaguars


They`re similar because they are both going extinct. They are great tree climbers. Usually they only have 2 cubs. Lastly they live to about 15 years in the wild. So you can see they have a few differences and similariets.
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Leopards and jaguars do have somethings that are in different. People have mixed up jaguars and leopards because of their spots. They do not have the same spots. Leopards only have a rosettes, which is the ring around the spots. Jaguars have a spot in the middle of their their rosette. Jaguars love water and to eat fish. Also jaguars are heavier and larger. However, leopards have longer and tails. Last leopards live in Africa and Asia where as jaguars live in Mexico and the United States and South America.
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Leopard Extinction

The beautiful cats called leopards are becoming extinct. Why are they are going extinct? There is no room for them. We had made so many houses and roads where they live. Also, they are going hungry because humans wrecking the plants they can not eat the herbivores. Lastly, we are hunting leopards for their skin.


The solution for them going extinct is to make some land called wild life perseveres where they can live safely. In these areas people can not hunt them. Also, they need more rangers to help sick leopards and make sure nobody lives or hunts there. Stop wrecking their homes (don`t live there). Recycle so the plant eaters don`t go extinct. Help care for leopard cuds. Lastly, teach people why its important to keep leopard safe.

Leopard Hunger

Leopards are going hungry and dying because we are taking the plants and making them into medicines or making houses on their land. That causes the plant eaters to die. This makes leopards die since they eat plant eaters. Due to this, leopards go to the farms to eat tomatoes or other vegetables. Farmers then get scared and angry and poison the food the leopards eat or shoot them. This all leads up to leopards going extinct. They starve to death or get poisoned or killed.

How Leopards Eat and Hunt

The leopard creeps out of his cave at night. First, he sees a herd of zebra`s hanging around. He then watches and stalks quietly.The zebra`s starts to walk, but the leopards follows. Next one zebra looks where the leopard is but the leopard is on its tummy which is white so it camouflaged. He rolls back over and then pounces. BOOM the zebra is dead. Lastly he brings the dead zebra to a tree and eats.