Student rights

Lindsey Johnson

Rights we have

We have the right to learn when we come to school. Some other rights we have are we aren't forced to wear uniforms everyday. We have some rights but not all. We have the right to stay after school for help on homework.

Rights we don't have

The rights we don't have is to have our phones out during school. If we needed to call someone we would use the office phone. Another is we can't say our opinions on for example if a teacher yells at you for something you can't explain what happen they usually always jump to conclusions and assume it's your fault. We also can't wear belly shirts, tang tops, short shorts etc because they show too much of our body. They think people don't want to see it and you shouldn't be showing it off.

How we decide our rights

Students rights our decided by the school district. They tell you what you can and cannot do, say or wear. They tell us how we should act towards teachers and principals. Also what the consequences will be if we fail to follow their rules.