Perfect Presentations

Tired of the same old thing?

Try one of these tools!

Zooming Presentations

Web-based presentation tools: The non-linear presentation creation sites allow users to upload high resolution images, videos, and files from Adobe products and Microsoft Office directly as part of the interactive presentation. Offer website embed codes for sharing and have great high-speed zooming interfaces that are easy to work with. Great tools if you don't get seasick!



Interactive Presentations

Integrated, web-based toolboxes for creative work. Mix professional and user-generated content, creative tools and social networks. Share work and give comments and suggestions.

Allows users to create amazing social media slideshows. You can now gather media from different sources and put them together in an engaging slideshow using and embed it in your blog, website or wiki.



Talking Slideshows

Give voice and video to your presentations! These tools allow for voiceover narrations and/or video options.

Hello Slide


Present Me

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