WSCA Libraries

Why Western Sierra Collegiate Academy Needs A Library

Libraries Are...

Libraries are important because they can be used for information and books, and a library could benefit WSCA for a lot of reasons.

English Homework and Exposure

English teachers often assign reading as homework. Students may be unable to get a book, whether it be an assigned book or freeread. With a library, there's always options.

40% of ten-year-olds (England) have a negative attitude towards reading - proabably because of a lack of exposure. Students won't be exposed to multiple genres without a library; thus making them picky and close-minded towards certain types of books.

A library WILL help students learn!

Book Club

Jenna Passadore and Sara Sabra (7th graders) say they're at a constant lack of books in book club; "Books are often not available to us, and libraries have a limit on copies and are not easy to get to. With a school library, it would always be open to you." If someone wanted to be in book club, but didn't have access to a copy of a book the club was reading, a school library would be efficient and helpful. Book clubs need a space to be held, and a library is a perfect place for that. Libraries give a certain 'intelligent' feel to people who are exposed to the library's presence. When students are in this environment, they will have more motivation, therefore having better test scores, and furthermore allowing a better future and more involvement in school activities like clubs and sports.