The best genre there is!

Just the basics

The music type I chose is Reggaeton. This music is most commonly listened to in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. People that are often found to be involved with this type of music is Fat Joe who was one of the first big names and PitBull who is probably the most well known Reggaeton singers.

History Time!

This music first became popular around the same time that spanish reggae and hip hop came to Puerto Rico This music was created when reggae and hip hop were combined. This main stream exposure happened in 2004 when this music spread to North America and European countries. Latin dance music and electronic music had large effects on the genre through out the years.


Some of the major characteristics are simple kick drum, kickdown drum, palito, snare drum, timbal, timballroll, and sometimes a high hat, many of the lyric represent the type of message that can be found in hip hop. Some of the major instruments that are used are Drums, electric sound board, and a vocalist. This music is often played at dances or parties because of its upbeat pattern and lyrics that make you happy.There are no outfits or costumes that are associated with this music because this music is about expressing yourself.

The music today

All different types of people listen and enjoy this type of music although it is most popular in spanish speaking country. This music is still becoming popular, many people believe that this music will only get bigger over time