What's Your Superpower? September 16, 2016

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This week...

We read our first Story...Let's Tap and did some All About Me Activities.

What talked about things you can do? I can...jump...draw...write

We learned words with the short a sound... am, an, ap, at, ad.

We learned about writing a sentence.

We continued to learn how to write about small moments.

We continued to learn about DAILY 5 routines and how to read with a partner.

We continued to practice counting and writing numbers to 120 and writing numbers that come before and after.

We read stories with the Believing in yourself theme...
We read Giraffe's Can't Dance ...we all can dance if we find the right song!
We read Pelican and Pelican't and learned many lessons including...
Try new things!
Believe in yourself!
Take risks!
Be a good friend!
It's not what's on the outside that matters but what's inside!
We read Edward the Emu and learned...don't try to be someone else! Believe in YOURSELF!

We read SUPERHERO and learned what super powers a SUPER HERO really has!

Mrs. Ringer taught us a lesson on Responsibility.


Next week...

We will read Sad Sad Dan and The Van to review short a words and practice sight words.

We will begin a unit on Apples.

We will study words with the short a sound am, an, ap, at, ad, ag.

We will learn about writing a sentence.

We will continue to learn how to write about small moments and write narratives.

We will continue to learn about DAILY 5 routines and how to read with a partner.

We will finish our Number Sense Chapter and begin learning addition.

We will learn all about apples and Johnny Appleseed.
Remember we have a 1:00 Dismissal on Friday, September 23rd.
We will have an Apple Festival on Monday, September 26th in honor of Johnny Apple Seeds birthday. Please look for Apple Fest Sign-up on Sign-up Genius.

Click link above for videos all about Apples.

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We will have an APPLE FEST on Monday, September 26th...Johnny Appleseed's birthday.

We will have an apple tasting party and make applesauce next week. Please sign up at this link if you can


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Calendar of Events


16th PICTURE DAY bring your smile and picture money envelopes

23rd 1:00 dismissal

26th Apple fest

30 School Spirit Day...wear Shoemaker gear and blue and white!

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Please help support our PTO...whether by volunteering to help, attending an event or supporting the fundraisers...YOUR HELP is needed. Unfortunately, the PTO has had to cut the budget for programs, including fieldtrips which has been cut in half, and school supplies due to lack of funds. All fundraising goes back to the school, students and staff. If you are able to help in anyway...your support will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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Please return your Kidstuff and Coupon Payment or Books ASAP. Please help support the PTO if you are able.

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Story and Snack Time on Sign-up Genius

Please sign up for Story and Snack Time on Sign-up Genius. Please check the volunteer requirements...

You may come in for 1 reading without your clearances...need to sign affidavit.

Here is the Sign- up Genuis link: story and snack

Please bring 2-3 books and a healthy snack...22 students.



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Please bring pictures on Monday and fill out All About Me Form

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LITTLE READER: The Little Reader is in the Blue Shoemaker Folder...please keep the packet and booklet in the blue folder.

Students will have 1 week to complete and practice. Each week practice reading the book each day to build fluency. Complete any skill. Then write 2 to 5 sentences in the packet, draw and color a picture. For added practice have students reread their own writing. Students can write in kidwriting and you write the correct spelling above or below it or students can dictate and you write on a scrap piece for them to copy, or they write on a scrap piece, you correct and they recopy onto the packet.

Lastly, please write the title of the book and due date on the packet. It is due on Wednesdays. Please write me a note or e-mail if you can be our Little Reader Volunteer on Wednesdays. It is best to take the Little Reader out of the folder each week after you get a new book and keep in a folder or box for extra practice.

Sight Word Vocabulary Book: It is the off white booklet. Students have 1 week to practice the words. Students will write words and write a sentence in the book, practice reading the words and return on Fridays. The new list will be highlighted for the next week. You can make flash cards, have students write words or write words in shaving cream for extra practice. They do not need to know how to spell these words...only read them.

Please write me a note or text me if you would like to Volunteer to be the Vocabulary Volunteer on Fridays.

Kicking It Math: Addition flashcards will be sent home soon. Please cut the cards and have students practice learning the facts by heart. A practice packet will be sent home to use...feel free to make copies and practice as they move up the levels. I did not include every level in the packet...just a sampling. We will give Kicking math tests 2 to 3 times per week, as time allows. If students do not pass the level they will retake it. Students can miss 3 of 30 problems. They have 2 minutes to complete 30 problems.

Fluency Passages: Students will bring home Fluency Practice Passages, stories, sentences and poems. Please have students read and reread the passages each week to help develop fluency and expression. Please initial and return each week.


Each month we will do ACTS of KINDNESS… please help in anyway you can…

September…we are helping with the Community Service Club and

the Church of World Service to put together Emergency Clean-up kits.

We are going to be collecting the following:

Scouring pads, sponges, scrub brush, reusable towels,

Liquid laundry soap, liquid disinfecting dish soap, Household cleaner that can be mixed with water, Clothespins, 50 or 100 ft of clothesline, dust masks,

Non-surgical latex gloves, work gloves w/leather palm,

Heavy duty 30-45 gallon trash bags on a roll, Bottle of Non-aerosol insect repellent

All items must be new and all liquids must be capped and securely tightened. We will collect these items until September 30th



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Students will be entered into RAZ KIDS shown how to use this site in the next 2 weeks. I will select leveled books that are a starting point for each child so they can work through the books and develop comprehension and fluency skills. Students must Listen to the Book, Read the Book, and Answer Questions before doing the next book. They may read at home but please only do 1 book each day or reread older books so they do not move through the program too quickly or before they are ready for the next level. Please complete stories in order.
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We will begin using a program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic. Each student is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone. If you would like to do XtraMath on a tablet or smartphone, look for XtraMath in the app store. The app costs $5. On a laptop or desktop computer, he/she can do XtraMath for free at

Please look for the flyer in the next few weeks with directions for your child to practice addition facts at home as well as in school.

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Reinforce and practice spelling words by weekly lists on Spell City. Click link above and start with the bottom list of words and work up. We will begin the first list next week.