This Week in PLC

Week of March 16

English II Unit 4 UbD


TELPAS Samples Due


Open discussion. Diane will present some EOC update information, which can be found here.



Be sure to check the proctor schedule to ensure you are where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Prepare for Thursday

  • Team members will choose an article to read (each article needs to be read). The articles are linked below with Thursday's information.

    • Alex: #1

    • Alexis: #1

    • Barbara: #2

    • Diane: #2

    • Jennifer: #3

    • Jessica: #3

    • Sam: #2

    • Vicki: #3

  • Annotate for the definition, purpose, pros, and cons of checklists, analytical, and holistic rubrics.


Staples Order

I will place the Staples order during 3rd period today. Please e-mail me any requests by 10:15. Include the name, item number, quantity, and price in your e-mail. Please list by order of priority.

Department Meeting

4:00 C206 (Washmon)

Pour Into Pots

We will build our P3 section of Blackboard to include skills-based, stand-alone activities to use as resources.


Faculty Meeting

7:40 in Lecture Hall

4:00 in Lecture Hall

Professional Learning - Vignette 3

Access the resources on "What is the best way to grade ____________?" at the link below.

Big image

Lesson Plan

Pre-Reading Article #1: Which Rubric is More Suitable for NSS Liberal Studies? Analytical or Holistic?

Read only pages 183 “What is a rubric?” - 190. Stop at “Discussion: Which Rubric is Suitable for…”

Pre-Reading Article #2: Guides to Grading Student Work: Checklists and Rubrics

Read only pages 54-63, STOP at “Steps in Constructing Rubrics and Checklists."

Pre-Reading Article #3: Why use a rubric when a checklist will do?

Read the whole article.

Defining Scoring Guides Chart


Department Meeting

7:40 C206 (Washmon)
PLC does not meet. Happy Friday!