Gathering Student Evidence

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Definition of Triangulation

Triangulation: Eliciting Information About Student Learning

Teachers use a variety of assessment strategies to elicit information about student learning. These strategies should be triangulated to include observation, student-teacher conversations, and student products. Teachers can gather information about learning by:

• designing tasks that provide students with a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning;

• observing students as they perform tasks;

• posing questions to help students make their thinking explicit;

• engineering classroom and small-group conversations that encourage students to articulate what they are thinking and further develop their thinking. Teachers then use the information gathered to adjust instruction and provide feedback. (Growing Success, 34)

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Conversation Protocol


Downloadable and editable word documents. Click Here

Digital Resources for Documenting

Useful Web-based Tools: here are some

Smore - digital flyers

Padlet - online collaboration / whiteboard

Twiddla - online collaboration tool

Socrative - online quiz / feedback

Kahoot - online quiz

Join Me - this is a way to share screens and push content out to students

Scratch - gamified coding site