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September 11, 2015

27 Elul 5775

A Message from the Principal

We are nearing the end of the month of Elul. Selichot on motzei shabbat started the official countdown to Rosh Hashanah. We have been listening to the shofar each day, working on ourselves, doing teshuvah.

Rav Pam explains that there are different ways to do teshuvah. One way is through סותר על מנת לבנות, dismantling for the purpose of building. In this process, the focus is what one has done wrong and needs to improve. Rav Pam notes that Rabbeinu Yonah, in Sha’arei Teshuva, suggests that a person contemplate his or her מעלות (virtues) and his/her חסרונות (deficiencies) with the hope that by doing this a person will identify the gifts given to him/her by Hashem and use them. Rabbeinu Yonah is essentially saying that recognizing one’s self worth and developing one’s potential is the first step in the teshuvah process. In בראשית פרק ד, Hashem said to Kayin, “Why are you so upset and why has your countenance fallen? Surely if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven” (פםוקים ו, ז). Rav Pam notes that Seforno comments that Hashem was teaching Kayin that “when a fault can be corrected it is not proper to grieve over what has happened, but rather to try to rectify and improve matters for the future.”

The common denominator between these approaches is that a person who wants to grow, who wants to do teshuvah, must have an accurate understanding of who he/she is. This allows a person to know what to work on and how to use his/her strengths to do so. Additionally, a person must be able to persevere and see mistakes as part of learning and growing and have an understanding that it does not detract from his/her strengths.

It is undeniably important to spend time developing the skills to help students understand who they are as learners. At YLS we spend time teaching children to self-reflect, think metacognitively, know and own their strengths and weaknesses. We work to help students see mistakes as part of the learning process. This helps them understand that mistakes are an opportunity to help each of us understand what needs to be learned and worked on next, while continuing to develop strengths.

שנה טובה ומתוקה


Parent Orientation

Thank you for taking the time to join us for parent orientation this past week. Your commitment to our school and to your children was inspiring to us. We look forward to partnering with you to help your child have an exceptional experience this year.

Below are links to the videos that were linked by QR code for your viewing pleasure!

YLS Theater

Beit Midrash

Collaboration Zone

Research Center


Active Play

YLS Theater

Morah Chana - Ivrit

Here is a video giving you a glimpse into the learning that Morah Chana facilitates in Ivrit with your children every day.
Ivrit During Direct Instruction

Class Birthdays

Happy Birthday Yonah!!! You are our first official YLS birthday celebration. Thank you for picking chocolate cake for us to make for your celebration in school, it was so yummy. Thank you to your parents for bringing pictures to help us learn about living in Canada.

Here is what happens for a class birthday:

1) The parent reaches out to the Morot to coordinate a date and time for the in class celebration. We welcome one or more parents to join us.

2) Students choose something to cook in school with their friends for their celebration.

3) The Morot send home a template for a book that the parents create with the child, each page reflecting one year or event in their child's life.

4) The parent(s) join us at the appointed date and time to celebrate and to share the created book with the class.

Coverdale Farm Preserve

We will be going to the Coverdale Farm Preserve on Thursday, September 17th. We will be riding a school bus to get to and from the farm. Please fill out the Field Trip Permission Slip by Wednesday, September 16th.

Chanukat Habayit- This is NOT an invitation!

Dear Parents,

Your children have been busy planning a Chanukat Habayit for our learning space. They are creating the invite and this is NOT it. This is not a "parent program" per se, but a student learning experience to which they will invite one special guest from outside the classroom. It will be on Wednesday, October 14 from 8:30am -9:15am.

Below are pictures of our list of student committees and some of the planning that is already underway.

Looking forward to celebrating with you,

The Morot

How do you blow a shofar?

Learning at the Lab

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 8:30-10pm

Yeshiva Lab School

Come hear all about our pedagogical principles and why our learning happens the way it does!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Open Sukkah at the Troodlers!

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 3:30-6:30pm

105 Grasmere Road

Bala Cynwyd, PA

All YLS families are invited to stop by our Sukkah and visit!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.