Y-Club's Weekly E-News

What to expect this week...

Monday, December 14th.

Y-Club Family,

Good morning, I hope that everyone had a safe, fun, and wonderful weekend! This is a review of what to expect in Y-Club this week.

  1. ALL payments are due this week!

  2. This is our last week of school for the rest of this year. Y-Care will be available during winter break down at Pathfinder. If you are needing Y-Care, please make sure to sign your kiddo up as soon as possible. The no school day registration cutoff date is this Wednesday, if you need a form, please let me know. Y-Care will only be offered December 21st-December 23rd and December 28th-December 31st.

  3. Sign your child up for our Parent’s night out this Friday! We will be starting off our evening with a game of kickball, dinner, cookie decorating, and playing battle ball.

  4. Any donations that you’d like to make towards the family that we have adopted need to be at Paxton before this Friday so that the kiddos can wrap them.

Thank-you all so much for everything that you have done for our program! I am truly blessed to have not just amazing youth but also wonderful parents within the program who have made a difference in so many ways!

Enjoy your week!