4C News

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Mr. Philipp's Class ~ Over the past week your child dove into various ways to solve two digit by two digit multiplication problems. Students were introduced to solving them by decomposing them into more manageable parts through the associative and distributive properties, using an area model (AKA The Box that Rocks), partial products, and the traditional algorithm. Multiple ways were shown to the students so that they can determine a strategy that works best for them. I was impressed to see how motivated many of the students were in solving these large equations! We are nearing the end of Module 3. We will be taking the end of the unit test on Friday, January 15th.

Mrs. Close’s Class – We were able to complete Module 4 right before the holiday break. Your child’s corrected test in his/her Friday Folder. Please sign and return the test on Monday, January 11th. This week we started Module 5. During the last 5 days of class the kids have been building on their work from 3rd grade with unit fractions. We’ve taken the concept a step further as the kids have decomposed fractions to create equivalent fractions. Next week the kids will create equivalent fractions using multiplication and division. Please remind your child to correct Exit Tickets!


The kids have been busy learning about the Dutch and the English settlers. We're going to spend next week learning about Colonial Life. That will set us up nicely to plan for a Colonial story. That's right.......we're bringing back story elements from the fall and the kids will be creating a picture book based on Colonial America! That's the best of part of school.....having fun while learning!


We've begun our magnetism unit. Next week we'll transition to electricity. The kids will learn about parallel and series circuits.

January Book Orders

Book order packets can be found in Friday Folders. Orders are due Friday, January 15th. You can order online or you can send your order into school with a check.


Our classroom stash of snacks has been depleted. Many kids forget their snacks. Please help your child remember to pack a snack!