Great reward in return for loyal service

Diamyo in need of Samurai

Samurai must have gone through Kendo, Bushido, and have gone through Samurai school at childhood. Need an average sized man who has great agility and Katana use, must know martial arts. Your duties are to protect my family and i at all time, and all of our land. You must be loyal at all times and willing to give your life for your job. You should look past all interest in wealth and material things and more focused on honor and pride. Honor and Obligation should be above all else. You will be given land and food (rice) in return for your loyal serve to the Bonzo Diamyo. Seppuku is something all samurai here do and is required if that time comes, rather than capture or surrender. You must be willing to give your life and protect this land and my life at all costs. Be highly trained in hand to hand combat and using a Katana, Horses will be provided for riding in battle. Your service will bring great honor to you and your family.

The Bonzo Household

Come meet me here if you are THE man for the job.