Tim Berners-Lee

who was he?


Date of birth: 06/08/55

year of death: still alive

born where: london

what did he do: created the www.

when did he event the www: in 1989

how did it happen:While at cern, Tim Berners-Lee grew increasingly frustrated with how information was being shared and organized. Every computer at CERN stored different information which required unique log-ins, and not every computer could be easily accessed. This situation sparked Berners-Lee to come up with a simple proposal for information , which was the World Wide Web.

what has he done since then: he has been a science worker.

what has the impact been on the www: people have now been able to talk on the web easier and emails are not being frustrated.

where does he work now: He is a Professor in the electronics and at the University of Southampton, UK.

is he on twitter: yes.

what was his message at the olympics: his message "this is for everyone."

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