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Getting Ready for School to Begin

Important Dates to Remember

  • August 10th - WEB Day for 6th Grade Students 8:30 - 11:30
  • August 16th - Ice Cream Social 5:00 - 7:00 pm
  • August 17th - First Day of Middle School for 565 Students
  • August 29th - Curriculum Night/Meet the Teacher (more information later)
  • September 5th - Labor Day - No School
  • October 4th & 6th - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 5:00 - 8:30 pm
  • October 12th - 14th - 6th Grade Students go to Camp Nuhop (more information later)
  • October 20th - Last Day of First Grading Period

New Seating Area Outside Mrs. Kirsten's Office

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New Lockers in Both Locker Rooms

New Walkway to Our Field

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New Chrome Books Waiting for 6th Grade Students

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The Same Mr Korn Waiting for 6th Grade Students

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Mr Korn Found a Friend Today - Mr Hollinger

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New Flex Space Waiting for Students & Staff

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Option Area Redone & Waiting for Students, Opposite Their Lunch Period

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Library/Media Center Ready for School to Begin

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Caferteria Waiting for Students

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School Lunch Information

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Update Infinite Campus Information Before August 8th

Emergency Data Review

The Emergency Data Review on the Parent Portal was reset on June 1. So your parents can start filling out their information now and hopefully save some time on schedule pick-up days (credit to Jill B. and Kim F. for this great idea!). Parent instructions for filling out the emergency data review are attached in both English and Spanish. no longer accessible to parents

Parents should not email the help ticket system directly anymore. The email address still works for staff, but it does not work for external emails with our new help ticket system. If you have start-of-year instructions that direct parents to email, please change them out.

Resource for parents to find their own login credentials

Parents can access their own login credentials by clicking the Password Recovery link under Quick Links on the Worthington Schools main page. They enter their email address (it needs to be the email that we have on file for them) and will immediately get an email sent to them with their district-provided username and password, which they can use to login to the Parent Portal as well as Infinite Campus.

Finding Student ID #

For My Payments Plus, parents can find their child's Student ID # by logging in to Infinite Campus and clicking on Today. The 9-digit student number is under student name, visible on both the app and when accessing Infinite Campus through the Parent Portal or the Infinite Campus website.

Emergency Data Review Instructions

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Worthington City Schools Attendance Philosophy

The Worthington City School District believes daily attendance is a foundational piece of a student’s academic success. In creating an environment for that academic success, the district works with students and their parents/guardians to encourage consistent ongoing attendance.

What is House Bill 410?
House Bill 410 was passed into law by the Ohio General Assembly in December, 2016 and the most recent state guidelines were made in July, 2017. This has changed the way school districts monitor student attendance across the state. Schools now must keep track of absences by “hours” (to include partial-day absences) as opposed to “days missed.”
● What are some of the changes that will go into effect?
Habitual Truant - any student absent without a legitimate excuse for absences of:
  • 30 or more consecutive hours.
  • 42 or more total hours in one school month.
  • 72 or more total hours in one school year.
Excessive Absence - any student absent with or without a legitimate excuse for absences of:
  • 38 or more hours in one school month.
  • 65 or more hours in one school year.

● If a student has exceeded one of the attendance thresholds for Habitual Truancy, a letter will be sent home and phone calls will be made to contact the student’s parent/guardian to set up a meeting. The purpose of this required meeting will be for the parent/guardian, student (when
appropriate), and building staff to be a part of an Absence Intervention Team and meet to
develop an Absence Intervention Plan. A plan will need to be developed to achieve “satisfactory” improvement in attendance, or truancy charges could be filed to the juvenile court.
● If a student has exceeded one of the attendance thresholds for Excessive Absences, a letter will be sent home and phone calls will be made to note the requirement for any additional absences to have a doctor’s note to consider them excused.

2022-23 School Calendar

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McCord's Bell Schedule for 2022-23

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McCord's School Supply List for 2022-23

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