Trauma Intensive at Harmony Clinic

Don't fear change, change fear

What is the Trauma Intensive all about?

Many of us walk around plagued by core wounds that keep repeating themselves in different ways and forms. These wounds are SCARS OF THE PAST and may feel like they are tattooed to your being. Trauma Intensive Therapy will OPEN YOUR MIND AND HEART TO HEALING – facing those dark places with courage and guiding light. This facilitates an understanding of how the past influences the present.

Harmony Clinic provides a SAFE, CARING, SUPPORTIVE, PROFESSIONAL AND NON- JUDGEMENTAL SPACE to explore your inner and outer worlds. Evocative techniques and emotional release through storytelling and interpretation may be used to help uncover underlying trauma and achieve inner healing. Alongside this coping skills will be taught to assist with containing difficult emotions such as mindfulness meditations and breath-work, a process geared towards healing, enlightenment and TRAUMA RESOLUTION.

Once we know the reasons why we do things, we have more FREEDOM TO MAKE DIFFERENT AND MORE CONSCIOUS AND POSITIVE CHOICES. This Intensive is for individuals who wish to embark on a journey towards self-discovery, relapse prevention, emotional sobriety and healing of their emotional wounds.

"To witness inner growth, peace and release through Trauma Therapy is a magnificent gift to all involved. The Trauma Intensive brings people together, connects spirits to each other and allows true emotional healing to begin.”

3 day Trauma Intensive weekend retreat

Thursday, April 24th, 6pm

Valley Rd

Cape Town, WC

Cost R3500 includes all therapies, accommodation and meals.