Friday Coffee Chat

November 20, 2015

15 Top tips for the Holidays!

Things are getting busy! We have one month left of our biggest selling season of the year. Have you booked all of the shows you wanted for this season? Are you ready to make the most of the season and reach your Holiday why? Don't give up until you reach your goal!

I've mapped out 15 quick Top Holiday Tips below!

# 1 Hostess Coaching

It seems obvious, but it is the easiest thing to increase your dollars per hour.

  • Are you using the S&D online invitation system?
  • Has your hostess invited 40?
  • Can you coach her to invite others?
  • Are you using Red Stamp for reminders? This has been a very important step for me—esp now as women are busy so last minute RSVP are common!
  • Are you talking to your hostess on the phone to get her excited about her show?

# 2 Group Hello!

Give suggestions for GIFTS! Ladies are shopping for Holiday gifts and it is our job to plant those shopping seeds and offer suggestions.

Highlight some suggestions in your Group hello.

  • Mention a great gift for teens and adults—engravables- such a meaningful keepsake- you must give ideas and examples for a MUST—anniversary date, children’s initial, classic monogram, coordinates, etc.
  • Choose an item from your display to highlight a gift for Mom-- maybe the Sutton and show versatility. Madison tech wallet for the busy fashionable gal.
  • I always say that with "Flat rate shipping of$5.95 it is smart and easy to get gifts checked off your Holiday shopping list." Mention to ladies to think gift closet, babysitters, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.
  • I set up a holiday shopping 'tray/section' at checkout, “gifts under $34”

# 3 Follow-up!!

Partner with your hostess after the show.

  • Who missed the show?
  • Who can you email?
  • Drop off look books?

Just because the show has ended, doesn't mean that it is over! You have three weeks to continue the party! I always send a THANK YOU email to all guests the day after! I send this email through the invite system. I select VIEW RSVPS...then select email guests (each section...the yes, no, maybe, and the ones we haven't heard from). My GOAL---always get my show to PURPLE! $1000 even if we leave at $600...I will work it with the hostess!!

# 4 Wish Lists

Print off WISH LISTS and hand them out at trunk show. I always mention in Group Hello that we have a flat rate shipping of $5.95 so it is smart and easy to check gifts off your holiday shopping list.

Another idea is researching WISH LISTS in the Lounge and personally reaching out to customers.

# 5 Book your own Open House

Don’t have any trunk shows—book your own DOUBLE DIP SHOW!

Did you know that we get to have TWO DOUBLE DIP Trunk Shows every calendar year (Jan-Dec)? This is your own Trunk Show where you act as Stylist AND Hostess and earn commissions AND style rewards! BE SURE to book your 2nd show before the year ends! NOVEMBER is the perfect month to host!

EVERYONE is shopping and we have DOT DOLLARS!!

# 6 Dialing for Dollars

Reach out to friends, customers and offer IDEAS and/or personal shopping ideas. There are a great examples on our team page. Take advantage of some of the great specials as ways to reach. PERSONAL SERVICE!

# 7 Personal shopping appointments

Be that Holiday Helper by setting up a couple hours maybe once or twice a week where you can offer personal shopping appointments.

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time for this, no matter where you are going to be. Have Stella, Will Travel!!!

# 8 Office Trunk shows

BLING in the BREAKROOM. Think office shows. Requires no lead time!

Who do you know that works in a office? Teacher with teacher's lounge? Nurse with break room?

# 9 Men

E-mail them with gift suggestions! Don’t leave it open ended or simply give a look book or web link. I send personalized emails with top suggestions for their loved one.

# 10 Selling on the Go

I posted on my FB page about looking for some friends to babysit my samples. I have set-up online shows for these gals and gave them some samples to wear & share over the holidays. Provided look books and paper invoices.

# 11 Upsell

Don’t forget about the power of DOT DOLLARS! For every $50 one spends, they will earn a Dot dollar coupon for $25 off a purchase of $50 or more. Mention in every shopping conversation, group hello, in reach-outs before a show, in follow-up after a show. Another cute idea I saw was adding something to every Look Book reminding them about Dot Dollars

# 12 Don’t stop booking!

Keep calling and reaching out. Who to reach out to? Ladies who said not in fall, all past customers (do a customer care call to check in their deliveries)

# 13 Book a CYBER MONDAY show

I am a believer that our in home trunk show is our bread and butter—but online shows can be a great way to supplement sales. I will post scripts on our team page!

# 14 Selling off table!

Don't leave home without a few extra boxes and/or gift bags! Many customers will come to your holiday trunk shows planning to gift someone the same day or the next day! It is a great to offer a box in these specific cases...the customer will truly appreciate! I simply sell them the sample off my table and then place their order but ship the replacement piece to me!

# 15 Gift cards

There is power in GIFT CARDS.

  • Are they displayed on your table?
  • Do you mention during Group Hello?
  • Are you mentioning in follow-up emails to customers?
  • Consider giving out a gift card to every single customer at checkout. All they need to do is tell you the number on the back when they want it activated.

We've Got Some BIG Promotions Coming!!

Check out who's reaching for a BIG dream this month! We've some amazing Stars-to-be on our team:

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And so, so, so many more of you aiming for Associate Stylist and Senior Stylist promotions too - you all inspire me every day with your perseverance and tenacity!


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10 days left of the month and look who's leading our team in sales!

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Welcome to the 9 New Stylists who have joined Team Trendsetters this month!

Heidi Hawkins

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Elaine Moreau

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Sabrina Bastone

Lorraine San Pedro

Brid O'Connell

Michelle Sung

Jennifer Wu

Make sure you tune into the lounge and Stellaverse for New Stylist training, as well as our New Stylist Training Facebook page for all our new stylists with 7 videos from me on how to best get started with your Stella & Dot business!

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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

Kristi xo