Español 2

August 31- September 4

2nd week

This week we are finishing the 2nd week of Spanish 2 online. This week we worked on a review of Spanish 1. There were 3 projects that were due this week. One was a writing assignment and the other two were speaking assignments. I hope to have all of the projects graded by the end of this weekend.

Next week we will start Unit 2. This will be new material. It is important for all students to work at least 90 minutes a day. If they started late then they will need to work a little extra to catch up. I will put in zeros this weekend for any assignments that were not completed. These assignments can still be completed for a grade for now. After 10/23 the assignment will close permanently.

Please print the calendar of assignments off.

Required Live Class Archive

Below are the links for the Getting Started and Unit 1 Required Live Class. There was still a lot of movement in classes this week and I want to make sure that students do not miss an assignment. I sent out a video last week to all students on Friday asking them to send me a Moodle Message if they need the archive. As always it is best to attend the session live.




If the voiceboard is not loading, please try the following steps.

Please try these 9 things to try to get the Voice Board to work:

1) Make sure to use only Mozilla Firefox web browser for the Voice Board assignments.

2) Make sure to allow popups from

3) Make sure you run the Setup Wizard. Once you enter the Voice Board, click the button that says "Setup Wizard" at the top right or bottom part of the screen and follow the directions.

4) Use a computer with speakers and a mic with the volume turned ON. Don't could be you. :)

5) Visit the 24 Help Desk at Make sure to have the error message handy as this is key to fixing your computer's problem

6) Talk to your teacher or school technology facilitator for help.

7) Once you get it working use the same computer. If not you will have go through all of this again on a different computer.

8) Send me the text of the error message in an email.

9) Make sure you have the latest Java update here

If none of those steps work, please have the student send me a text or Moodle message letting me know and I will give them an alternative way to submit.