Using our Devices in Class

By: Jordin S.

Did you know...

that 39% of Middle School students use their smart Smart Phones to do homework? Among them only 6% said they were permited to use a Smart Phone in class

Reasons why we should use devices...

It will motivate the students to do work

Eston Melton, an assistant principal at West Potomac High School states," students better internalize their lessons when they're doing them on their own personal Smart Phones or Tablets."

It will take better care of our environment

3,500 e-books weighs no more than the tablet itself. 3,500 textbooks weigh about two tons. Not only would that save two tons of paper , it also would prevent different injuries caused by carring backpacks.

it will keep the kids organized

" I would like to have my homewoke on my device because it is more portable," commented Jacob R.( 6th grade Safford student)

Interesting Fact

At Decatur High School, their goal is to have a mobile device management software. This lets the school know about every device plugged into this network.
Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers

Help your child's future by saving the planet and making their learning more exciting.