The purpose of each reference.

AKA almanac,atlas,dictionary,encyclopedia,thesaurus


The dictionary is used to tell the definition of a word.It gives you parts of speech.It also gives you examples with the word being used in it.It even tells you how to pronounce it.That is what the dictionary is used for.


The atlas is a book with maps .It shows country's.IT also tells you the climate .The book has special symbols to mark special places on the map like the capital of the united states.


The thesarus gives you synonyms and antonyms.You also get parts of speech like a dictionary.Even meanings.So it is basically a second type of dictionary.It is also lettered A-Z.


A Encyclopedia is a book with history written in it and word meaning's. .But what makes this book different is that only one book contains the meaning and history of one letter.Like one book will be labeled a and next book with the letter b.That is how the Encyclopedia works.


The almanac is basically a book with information on movie's, famouspoeple like the president.And country's.Pretty much anything you want to know about this book will tell you.But they only make a few every year for that year.