The Escape

By: Hailey R.

What techniques does the author use to create suspense?

In this short horror story the author uses different techniques to create suspense. It gives the story more of the thrilling aspect.

The word choices.

"The walls were of old, rough stone. To Boris, it felt as if they were closing in on him. His breath started to come in short gasps. His heart pounded." In this sentence he is giving off suspenseful words he is using words that you can picture easily in your mind while your reading they give off good characteristics too.

The plot/action .

In these short story he is in prison for committing a crime and he is talking about how he's going to in there for the rest of his life . "Seven years ago, he had committed a crime. It was a crime so terrible that even he could not believe that he had done it. Now he was in prison for the rest of his life. He was trapped like an animal in a cage." This an example of the setting and the plot is he is trying to get out of prison cause he cant do it any more .

My point of view

My point of view of this suspenseful story is that the story is told in third person and and i think it would have been better and my suspenseful if it was told in first person . I like the every descriptive words the author uses in "The Escape" its very detailed and thrilling .